Bicacon Group is a holding company for Bicacon, Engineerex and Mainbic These subsidiaries collectively serve both the public and private sector with highly specialised services and products. The group has extensive experience in infrastructure development and maintenance; engineering consulting; technological solutions; risk management; manufacturing as well as supply and distribution.

We continue to seek opportunities in different sectors of the economy. Our ultimate objective is to diversify our product and service offerings to ensure an improved quality of life for the private and public sectors.



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Group's Vision

We seek to be a world premiere supplier of innovative products, services and solutions aimed at improving the livelihood of our stakeholders.

Group's Mission

We are dedicated to delivering quality products, services and solutions for the benefit of our stakeholders through collaboration with like-minded business partners & using innovative approaches.

Group's Value Statement

These values serve to guide all Bicacon Group’s personnel in their conduct of the Group’s business, in relation to internal and external customers, and stakeholders. These values are presented below as follows:

  • Quality on Time
    We are committed to timely delivery of products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our internal and external stakeholders, as we persistently seek to be innovative and strive to be the best we can be.
  • Passion
    What we do is not a job, it is the very reason for our existence. It is what keeps us motivated and driven to be the best.
  • Self-Discipline
    Our actions are guided by our belief of doing waht is right as well as our ability to control and motivate ourselves. Not only are we accountable to our stakeholders, but we are also accountable to ourselves.